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I remember reading something ancient one day about the proper etiquette of formal introductions.  There used to be a bit of pomp and circumstance that went into meeting someone or other.  There were different forms of address for presidents, kings and cardinals (which every common person needed to be aware of just in case they happened across a king or cardinal in the grocery market).  There were tones and inflections and orders in which you introduced the people around you.  Ladies always took precedence unless there was a president near by. 

When all else fails one can simply fall back on the words of Emily Post who instructed us all to never ever say "make you acquainted with" and call no one "my friend."  Wouldn't it be awkward to have to be introduced to every person you came across before you could even trade the obligatory comments about the weather? 

Well then, since there is no one here to make the formal introductions, how do you do?  Perhaps we'll talk further at another time.  But I won't crook my finger or chirp in your direction.  Ms. Post thinks those are terrible manners indeed.   And one must never tolerate the terrible etiquette displayed by anyone from the entire state of New York.  They're all tragically uncouth. 

Bullocks to this.  It's much easier to say what's tricks and give someone a hug. 
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