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Consider this an invitation to my Gangsta Nation.

Talia. Velvet. Jamie. T-Dawg. Tizz but not Dizz. Doll. Babycakes. McMuffin. Mia. Poptart. Little Miss Talks Alot. Food. Food. Food! Strawberry Carbs. The answer to Tracy's slow gin fizz. Yankees Forever. White Trash Talia White Trash Skipper! - not nearly as cool as White Trash Bobbi. (Giant Truck still sold separately.) The T in April's T&A. Time Crisis Slave. Nerd with Heels and a Tan. Coors Lite. Hometown Hottie. Maxxxim. Queen of Beer Pong. Zoinks. Model Killer. The Meat in a Carolina Sandwhich. Bonnie not Clyde. The Real Deal. Everybody's partner in crime.

.... but you can call me talia crisis ii.

Points for another name to add to the list. Bonus points if you can tell me who sings the song from my lyrically inclined title!
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